Board Documentation and Useful Links

The following are documents pertaining to the Villas of Lake Destiny that are held here for easy access to all members.

Irrigation System Documentation(Updated Jan 2012)

Landscape Irrigation is done on Sundays during the winter and Sundays and Thursdays in the Summer

Excess Sewer Capacity

We receive a bill quarterly(?) charging for unused Excess Sewer Capacity. The following helps to explain it.

Miscellaneous Documents

Lakefront Conservation Area and Lake Shore Compliance

Special Thanks to Charles Green (Former owner and Board Member) for researching and saving the Developer documents and Maitland Center Map with the proposed Villas site on it at the top under "AIT" in Maitland.

Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Plates

Thanks to Charles Green for getting these from the original installer also.

Financial Documents

SBC Villas Gentleman's Agreement Oct 2011

State of Florida Links

Villas Shared Expenses

Villas Infrastructure

Original Sales Brochure - 1997