A Overview of the Villas Covenants and Rules

The Villas of Lake Destiny is incorporated in the State of Florida as a homeowners association. That means that the Association has certain governance responsibilities. There is a board of directors (elected by the unit-owners) and various rules and covenants that guide all of us in running the community.

The Association has three primary responsibilities:

  1. Maintenance of the common areas owned by the Association. Common area includes everything except your unit itself, the unit’s front courtyard, and your back patio.

  2. Maintenance of certain exterior elements of the buildings.

  3. Enforcement of the covenants, bylaws and rules of the Association that apply to all residents of the community, whether owners or lessees.

Recap of Some Covenants and Rules

Our covenants and bylaws are arcane reading, so we have recapped some basic rules of the Association that all residents must honor to keep our community pleasant. You are strongly encouraged to review the Villa’s Declaration of Covenants and Conditions document, the 2007 amendment and the 2008 Rental Restriction Amendment for the exact rules and language. We have indicated at the end of the following paragraphs the primary Declaration of Covenants and Conditions (DOCC) Article and Section, where applicable, or indicated that it is a rule.

  1. Speed Limit – The original Association, Sun Bay Club, designated the speed limit to be 14 miles per hour. There are not many sidewalks, driving areas are not wide, and certain corners have limited visibility. Many residents and their pets walk in the roadway, and we’ve fortunately never had an injury so please limit your speed while in the Villas. (Rule)

  2. Garbage – The Villas have 2 dumpsters, one at each end of our longest street. Do not use any dumpsters in Sun Bay Club as they are not paid for by the Villas. The city of Maitland provides removal service twice weekly. Please tie all garbage tightly in plastic bags to keep odors to a minimum for nearby residents. Pick up any spilled items, as there is no cleaning service for the dumpster areas. City drivers will not pick up anything not placed in the dumpster; therefore we request that no trash be left in or around the dumpster enclosure. Please do not leave furniture, Christmas trees, or other large pieces out for trash pickup. (Rule)

  3. Pets – a unit may have up to 2 pets, each weighing up to 40 pounds. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, and excrement must be picked up immediately.(DOCC Article 7 Section 8)

  4. Parking – Most units have 2 spaces directly in front of the garage door, or one space adjacent to the single door driveway. Please do not park in other unit's spaces or have your guests park there. Also, do not double-park in the driveway as that creates an obstacle for others. Overnight parking by residents in guest spaces is prohibited, and resident vehicles parked overnight in guest spaces are subject to towing. Use of guest parking during daytime hours should be limited to short periods of time when access to the driveway and garage is required for servicing or deliveries.

  5. Only cars, SUV’s and standard unmarked pick-up trucks may be parked outside overnight. Commercial vehicles, cars, pick-ups with any commercial signage, big-wheel trucks, boats, RV’s, trailers, and/or motorcycles may not be parked overnight outside a garage. (DOCC Article 7 section 10)

  6. Window Treatments – Flags (other than an American flag), signs, reflective foil, decals etc. are not permitted in windows. Exterior signs are not permitted on units.(DOCC Article 7 Section 14 and Article 6 Section 8)

  7. Material Alteration of unit exteriors are not permitted without first getting permission from the Board. (DOCC Article 6 Section 8)

  8. Care and Landscaping of the unit’s courtyard and patio areas is the Unit owners/residents responsibility. No personalized landscaping or other décor is permitted in any common area. (DOCC Article 6 Section 8)

  9. Our street drains empty into our ponds and Lake Destiny. Don’t put any hazardous waste (paint, oil, chemicals etc.) in them.

Finally, the Sun Bay Club Association is responsible for the following:

  1. Our gate is important. Please insure that delivery folks, and guests do no damage to it.

  2. The pool is maintained by Sun Bay, and there is no life-guard at the pool at any time.

  3. You can find links to the pool/Spa rules and the Private Event Request Form on our Villas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page.

A special note of thanks to Ray F. for his big help in recapping these rules.