Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I arrange for a Private Party or Event at the pool?

You should request use of the common facilities for a party using the Private Event Request Form at least two weeks prior to your event. All the details about process are included in the form.

What are the rules for the pool and spa?

You can download the pool and spa rules at the following links on the Sun Bay Club website.

Pool Rules

Spa Rules

I have a leak, what should I do?

The Association documents clearly provide that the Association is responsible for maintenance of the roof’s down to and including the roof sheathing beneath the tile and waterproof paper, but not the joists or rafters below the sheathing. With respect to the walls, the documents indicate only that the Association is responsible for painting. We have taken the position that ‘painting’ includes maintenance of the structure that is to be painted, as there is no reason to paint something that is deteriorating. Any leak in plumbing and/or drain lines, AC drains, or from windows is the responsibility of the Homeowner.

We believe that the Association Board needs to function in a manner consistent with the responsibilities established in the Association documents.

We suggest the following arrangement, that we have offered others with water issues. If you retain a company, (in the past we’ve suggested leak detection companies) to determine the source of a leak, and the leak comes from an area that is the responsibility of the Association, then we (the Association) will pay the leak detection costs. If the leak is coming as a result of something that is the responsibility of the homeowner, then we will not participate in the cost.

We understand that water leaks are frustrating to deal with. The Association needs to act on behalf of all the members consistent with the requirements defined in our documents.

Where do I Recycle

We are now able to do "No Sort" recycling at dumpsters in Maitland Center.

I've lost my coupon book, what should I do?

You can mail your payment to our Property Manager to avoid any delays or penalties.

One of the tall street lights is not working, how do I report that?

Go here to report a streetlight problem to our property manager

How do I get a gate access clicker/remote?

You can purchase gate clickers directly from our gate managment company - Access Reliability. They will confirm and only mail openers to addresses in the Villas.

Pick the correct clicker for the Villas of Lake Destiny

How do I get my name on the front gate directory?

Email Bart at Access Reliability. Access Reliability will confirm your identity with the Property Manager and/or Villas HOA President before modifying the directory.

How do I dispose of hazardous waste such as motor oil, chemicals, propane tanks, batteries, paint, old electronics, pesticides, florescent bulbs and computer equipment?

Whatever you do, don't put anything down the outside drains in the Villas. Those drains go directly to our lake!

Hazardous materials should be brought to one of the Orange County Solid Waste Division drop-off points (for the Villas I've found that the McLeod Road Transfer Station off of I-4 in south Orlando is the most convenient).

When is garbage collection?

We have two Dumpsters on the East and West sides of the Villas. Please

    DO NOT
use the dumpsters in Sun Bay Club. Those dumpsters are paid for and for the use of Sun Bay Club members only.

Large boxes should be broken down before being placed in the bins. Also, everything must be placed in the bins. The garbage collectors will not get out of their trucks to pick up anything left outside the dumpsters. Garbage is normally collected on Monday's and Thursdays.

When do the landscape sprinklers come on?

There are 21 zones on 5 different sprinkler controllers in the Villas. Normally each zone runs about 20 minutes. Watering starts about 12:15 AM and ends at approximately 9:45 AM. The St. Johns Water River Water Management District controls the watering days and for even numbered addresses those days are Thursdays and Sundays. Watering cannot be done after 10:00 AM or before 4:00 PM.

Are we a Crime Watch community?

Yes! We are a crime watch community sponsored by the Maitland Police Department. If you spot any suspicious activity you should report it to the Maitland Police non-emergency number (407 539 6262) and, as always, for emergencies dial 911.

Also, please keep in mind that Neighborhood Watch groups are not vigilantes and should not assume the role of the police. Just be alert, observant, and caring enough to report suspicious activity or crimes immediately to the police. Also, check out our Crime Watch page for more links and info