Rental Restrictions Enforced

Property managers, realtors, investors and owners - the Villas of Lake Destiny HOA has a covenant limiting the number of rental units. Before you can rent out a unit, please check the covenant dealing with the restrictions. Our HOA board MUST approve all rentals. Copies of our covenants and the Lease-Rental Application form can be found on the documents and links page


This site is the OFFICIAL Website for the Villas of Lake Destiny Homeowners Association, Inc. Its purpose is to disseminate public information about the Villas.

Please note, however, that some of the documentation is built from scanned copies and does not reflect the exact legal document as recorded in Orange County, Florida.

About the Villas

The Villas of Lake Destiny (see map) is a gated community (incorporated as a Homeowners Association) located in Maitland, Florida. There are 47 two-story townhomes in the Villas. The first residents arrived in 1997 and the last building was occupied in 1999. The Villas are situated on Lake Destiny and are very accessable to both Orlando and the Lake Mary area.

The Villa's homeowners (Unit-Owners) took over control of the association from the developer in 2000. Since that time an owner elected 3-member board of directors runs the Villas with the help of a professional property manager. In an agreement with our neighbors at Sun Bay Club, the common areas of both Sun Bay Club and the Villas of Lake Destiny are open to both communities. Those areas include all streets and sidewalks, the pool/club house, car wash area and boat ramp. In addition, Maitland Center provides a wonderfully landscaped area for walking and biking in the evenings and weekends.

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